A college degree is an investment, and there are generous organizations and donors who are ready to help invest in your future, too. Each year, CU Denver undergraduate students are awarded more than $30 million in scholarships and grant packages from institutional, private, local, state, and national sources. Overall, about 72% of full-time undergraduate students with financial need who apply for aid receive a need-based scholarship or grant award every year.

Even if you or your family members have done it before, earning a scholarship can seem like a complicated and confusing process at times. But at CU Denver, we are here to support you in finding the right assistance to fund your education. Remember, a bill should not be a barrier to success. 

For information about International Students Financial Aid & Scholarships, please visit the International Admissions website.

Apply for Scholarships

Though you may be automatically considered for certain scholarships based on your admissions application, admitted students can also search for additional scholarships at Scholarship Universe, which includes information about many CU Denver scholarships and their requirements.

Displaced Aurarian Scholarship

The Displaced Aurarian Scholarship Program provides former Auraria residents and their descendants scholarships to all programs offered on the Auraria campus.

Scholarship Details & Eligibility

By the Numbers


Average of full-time students who receive financial aid. 


Average accepted aid by undergraduate full-time students.


Average yearly total of financial aid received by undergraduate students.
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