This is the Place

Journeys that change the world start here.

Filmmaking. Medicine. Public Service. Business.

Our alumni are making an impact in fields that are as diverse as they are. But they all have one thing in common: They started at CU Denver.

This is our place where future innovators get their start. Those who don't "look the part" come together to find the power to make life better — for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Point of Origin

We’ve partnered with Detour, the internationally acclaimed muralist and two-time CU Denver alumnus, to paint the picture of how CU Denver prepares learners from all walks of life to thrive.

Through a large scale art installation, each featuring a recent CU Denver graduate, Detour has brought to life what it is that makes this place so special.

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Confidence Changes Everything

“CU Denver believed in me. They invested in me, as they do with every single one of their students. They made me feel confident in this new space.”

Rep. Iman Jodeh BA ’04, MPA ‘06
State of Colorado’s first female Muslim Representative, first-generation American

Build a Powerhouse Network

“CU Denver brings together people who are getting their education while balancing all of the demands of work and family. Those are the people you want to launch your career alongside.”

Danielle Shoots BSBA '08
Entrepreneur, investor, influencer, CFO at 26

Finding Motivation in Identity

“When I got to CU Denver, that's when things opened up for me. Being aware of my identity, my background, and where my family comes from — all of it motivated me to pursue a career in medicine.”

Will Mundo BA '16
M.D. candidate at CU Anschutz School of Medicine, first-generation college student

Portrait of the Artist

Go behind the scenes to meet Detour — and see how this amazing installation came together.

View From the Top

Chancellor Michelle Marks explains how the murals symbolize the future of CU Denver.

Video Coming Soon

Telling the Story of Representation

“To truly support artistry, you have to support diversity and representation. CU Denver is a place where students from different backgrounds can come together to tell stories that change the way we look at the world.”

Marin Lepore BFA '21
Screenwriter, director, activist

You Are Welcome Here

“Not everyone grows up in a family where going to college is the norm. CU Denver creates an environment where everyone feels welcome — where diversity is celebrated. That was really important for me.”

Eugene Howard MURP '13
Master of Urban and Regional Planning; Professor of Practice and Board Member, College of Architecture and Planning

Your Own Personal Cheering Section

“For first-generation and minority students, it can feel impossible for you to be the first to achieve something you haven’t seen before. But it is possible. It’s going to be more difficult, but there are so many people you don’t even know about who are cheering us on.”

Angie Adame MS '20
CU Denver competitive sports coordinator

One Foot in the Past, One in the Future

“I grew up as a migrant worker in Texas. At CU Denver, I became comfortable when I learned to go into my past, my heritage, and be proud of it. Being able to appreciate where I came from and where I found myself then — that was beautiful to me.”

Frank Davila, PhD '98
Educator, community leader, veteran

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