Non-Degree Programs

CU Denver knows there are people who want to learn so they can enrich their lives. This is why we offer non-degree programs. Students in non-degree programs take the same classes as degree-seeking students, taught by our knowledgeable professors. Non-degree programs work for people who want to take a course for professional development, personal interest, or simple curiosity. It is also a great way for students enrolled at other institutions to earn extra credit by taking summer classes at CU Denver.

Non-degree programs are also a good way to discover if CU Denver is right for you. Students who first attend non-degree programs may ultimately decide to apply for traditional degree-granting undergraduate or graduate admission.

Lifelong Learners

Area residents age 60+ can enroll in CU Denver’s Lifelong Learners Program to take classes on a non-credit, non-tuition basis. Keep your mind active by learning something new or revisiting subjects you enjoy.

The Lifelong Learners Program will be active for the Fall 2021 Semester. For more information about enrolling in courses, please visit our Lifelong Learners Website.

About Classes

Once admitted to CU Denver, non-degree students can take many classes listed in the Course Catalog. There are also specific non-degree programs at various CU Denver schools.

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